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Yemen: Floods - Apr 2021

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Torrential rains and flooding which started in mid-April continued into May; intensified rainfall over the past few days is causing damage to infrastructure, destroying homes and shelter and causing deaths and injuries. Flooding caused multiple large-scale damage in Aden, Abyan, Al Dhale’e, Lahj, Hadramaut, Ma’rib and Ta’iz governorates. While assessments of the damage caused by heavy rains and flooding are ongoing, initial field reports indicate that thousands of families have been affected and the majority of them are in areas occupied by internally displaced persons (IDPs). The Yemen National Meteorological Centre issued flood warnings recently and advised citizens and motorists to exercise caution as the rains are expected to persist in the coming days. Yemen’s rainy season runs from April to August. Needs assessments are ongoing, but initial reports indicate that some 3,730 families (22,380 people) have been affected by the rains and flooding, the majority of whom are internally displaced people (IDPs). (OCHA, 4 May 2021)

The largest flood impact was experienced in Aden, Hadramaut, Hajjah, Lahj, Abyan, Dhamar, Ma’rib and Al Bayda governorates. Field reports indicate that the number of affected families has gone up from 3,730 on 4 May to 6,855 families by 9 May. Most of the affected people are internally displaced people (IDPs) who are living in inadequate shelters. (OCHA, 11 May 2021)