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Peru: Floods - Feb 2021

Disaster types

Heavy rain from 15 to 18 February caused a river to overflow in Madre de Dios Department (south-eastern Peru), which resulted in extensive flooding. According to UN OCHA and national authorities, more than 6,600 people have been affected and about 1,700 houses damaged or destroyed, due to the overflow of Madre de Dios River. Flooding has affected nine health centres, more than 160 km of roads, and 20 bridges and power outages and water disruptions have been reported. The most affected areas are the departments in Tambopata, Tahuamanu and Manu Provinces. A state of emergency has been issued for Madre de Dios Department and national authorities are assisting the affected population with food and relief items. (ECHO, 24 Feb 2021)

On 3-4 March, heavy rain occurred in Piura Region (north-western Peru) leading to flooding, landslides and river overflow, as reported by the Peru National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI). The most affected areas are ten Districts from Morropón, Piura, Huancabamba and Sullana Provinces, where a state of emergency was declared on 6 March. According to media, about 187 houses have been damaged or destroyed. The overflow of the San Francisco Stream in Piura Province has isolated many communities in Tambogrande District. (ECHO, 8 Mar 2021)

Floods triggered by heavy rain occurred on 20-21 March in Yurimaguas District (Alto Amazonas Province, Loreto Region, northern Peru). As reported by the Government of Peru, about 121 families have been displaced, as houses have been damaged or destroyed, across nine settlements in Yurimaguas. (ECHO, 22 Mar 2021)

Heavy rain continues to affect parts of northern Peru, causing flooding and a landslide, which resulted in fatalities. As reported by national authorities, five people died and five houses were damaged by a landslide event that occurred on 21 March in Condorcanqui Province (Amazonas Region). Another landslide event in Huamalies Province (Huánuco Region), has affected around 10 residents. According to media reports, up to 3,000 houses have been damaged by floods and flash floods in Yurimaguas District (Alto Amazonas Province). In Soritor District (San Martin region), flooding has affected at least 175 people, damaging about 35 houses and up to 80% of the essential public infrastructure of the District, according to authorities. (ECHO, 23 Mar 2021)

Several parts of northern and central Peru continue to be affected by heavy rainfall, which causes floods, flash floods, and landslides. According to reports from national authorities, one person was injured, 233 individuals and at least 76 families have been affected in the period 24 March - 1 April. Damage has been reported to more than 179 houses. The latest landslide event occurred in Churuja District (Amazonas Province) on 1 April, blocking the Fernando interprovincial highway. Rescue and relief operations were carried out by national authorities, to evacuate people affected by the event.(ECHO, 2 Apr 2021)

A landslide occurred on 7 April in Huari Province (Ancash Region, central-eastern Peru), resulting in six evacuated families in Pontó District, as reported by media. Additionally, more than 300 residents from the communities of Culluchaca, Yunguilla and San Jorge have been isolated after damage occurred to the PE-14 national highway. The road disruption has affected also residents from Anra, Uco, Huacchis and Rapayán Municipalities. (ECHO, 13 Apr 2021)

Since the beginning of April, heavy rain has been affected several Provinces of Loreto Department (north-eastern Peru), leading to floods and landslides, which resulted in casualties. According to national authorities, one person died in Nauta District (Loreto Province), while about 856 families have been affected. Damage has been reported to more than 800 houses, nine educational centres, four bridges and several road sections. (ECHO, 15 Apr 2021)

Heavy rain caused the overflow of several rivers (Cuscomayo, San Martín, Santa Fey and Otari) and widespread landslides in the Districts of Pichari and Kimbiri (Cusco Region, southern Peru) on 20-21 April, resulting in casualties and damage. According to national authorities, 26 families have been affected, one house destroyed, 25 others damaged and several public buildings affected. Power and water cut have been also reported in the District of Pichari. (ECHO, 23 Apr 2021)

The National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) reported that on June 29, as a result of the intense rainfall, there was an increase and subsequent overflow of the Shamboyacu River, which caused a flood in the Shamboyacu district located in the province of Picota (San Martín). The Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) reported 30 affected homes and 17 habitable ones, as well as 71 affected families. (Gov. of Peru, 29 Jun 2021)