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Colombia: Floods and Landslides - Nov 2020

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Landslides and flooding triggered by heavy rainfall continue to affect Antioquia Department (north-western Colombia), resulting in at least 18 fatalities and 3 missing people. Search and rescue operations are ongoing to recover the 3 missing people, after a landslide event occurred on 14 November in Dabeida, killing 5 individuals and leaving hundreds of families affected. The Colombian Meteorological Institute (IDEAM) has issued orange alerts for landslides over most of the central and western areas of Colombia and on 27-28 November, rainfall is forecast over most of central, and southern Colombia. (ECHO, 16 Nov 2020)

On 10-11 March, heavy rain caused a landslide and flooding in Santiago de Cali City (Valle del Cauca Department, central-western Colombia). Media report that at least two people died in the landslide event that occurred on 11 March in the outskirts of Santiago de Cali and several neighborhoods have been flooded. Orange alerts for landslides have been issued for southern Valle del Cauca. Moderate rain is forecast over Santiago de Cali on 12-13 March. . (ECHO, 12 Mar 2021)

Heavy rain has been affecting central Colombia (in particular Antioquia and Tolima Departments) over the past few days, causing a number of severe weather-related incidents, floods and landslides that have resulted in casualties and damage. Media report, as of 25 June, one person missing, seven injured people, 19 evacuated families and nearly 150 affected people across Antioquia Department (in particular in Medellín and San Antonio de Prado) due to floods and severe weather-related incidents. In addition, 35 affected people and 13 damaged houses were reported in Villahermosa (Tolima Department) due to a landslide. Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rain is forecast over most of Colombia, with locally very heavy rain over northern Departments. ([ECHO, 25 Jun 2021]( 3750920))

Twenty-five departments of Colombia have experienced an intense rainy season since early March, which has resulted in loss of life and damage. The most affected are Cundinamarca, Nariño, Antioquia, Huila, Cauca and Valle del Cauca. According to the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD), 53 people have died, 5 are still missing, 33 have been injured and more than 8,700 families have been affected. Almost 3,700 houses have been damaged or destroyed and 26 schools. More heavy rain is forecast over most of the country. Orange warnings for landslides have been issued for central and southwestern departments. (ECHO, 30 Mar 2021)

Recent heavy rain has caused floods and a landslide in Tolima Department (central-western Colombia), which have resulted in casualties. According to the latest report by the Tolima Department of Environment and Risk Management (CDGRD), one person died and approximately 250 people have been affected by floods that occurred in Guamo Municipality. A landslide event was reported in San Luis Municipality, damaging the road network. Landslide alerts have been issued for Municipalities in north and central Tolima. On 9-10 June, more heavy rain is forecast over the whole of Colombia, with locally very heavy rain over central Departments, including Tolima. (ECHO, 9 Jun 2021)

Two landslides occurred in Tolima Department (central-western Colombia) over the past few days, resulting in casualties and damage. According to media reports, one person died in San Antonio Municipality while three people have been injured and two houses destroyed in Cajamarca Municipality. Moderate to heavy rain is forecast over the affected Department on 11-12 June. (ECHO, 11 Jun 2021)

Floods and landslides caused by heavy rain have been affecting Cundinamarca Department (central Colombia), resulting in damage. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reports that on 20 August, up to 1,137 people were affected by flood, landslide, and river overflow events, which occurred across 18 Municipalities in Cundinamarca. About 268 houses, 71 road sections and seven bridges sustained damages. Cundinamarca Department was already impacted by floods on 18 August, which affected at least 176 people and displaced 64 others. (ECHO, 26 Aug 2021)

From 1 until 20 September, several severe-weather events, including heavy rain and strong winds caused floods, flash floods and landslide events across 70 municipalities of 19 Departments in Colombia, as reported by the Colombia National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD). At least four people have been injured, and 8,134 families affected and more than 6,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. The most affected departments include Antioquia, Norte de Santander, Bolívar, Cauca, Tolima, Córdoba and Meta. Several red alerts for landslides and lightning have been issued over northern, central, and central-western Colombia. Moderate rain is forecast over most of north and central Colombia on 22-23 September. (ECHO, 22 Sep 2021)

Flooding caused by the overflow of the Combeima river has been recorded in Ibagué City (central Tolima Departement, central Colombia) since 22 September, resulting in damage. According to Colombia National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), up to 2,000 people have been affected across 13 neighbourhoods of Ibagué. At least 40 houses were destroyed and 180 others sustained damages, along with three aqueduct networks, three sewer systems and six bridges. Local authorities and humanitarian partners are assisting the affected communities with food and relief items. Orange alerts for landslide risk have been issued for the northern Tolima Department. On 29-30 September, light to moderate rain with thunderstorms is forecast over Ibagué City. (ECHO, 29 Sep 2021)

A landslide triggered by heavy rain occurred in Bolívar Municipality (Valle del Cauca Department, western Colombia) on 18 November, resulting in casualties. According to media reports, one person has died and two people are still missing. For the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain is forecast over northern, western, central and eastern Colombia. Orange and red alerts for landslides are in effect across the western and central parts of the country. (ECHO, 19 Nov 2021)

Landslides triggered by heavy rainfall have been reported on 26 January across Tolima Department, resulting in casualties. According to media, two people died, and material damage was reported in Palocabildo Municipality. A number of households have been affected by power outages. Several other landslides caused road disruptions between Palocabildo and Falan Municipalities, isolating many villages. (ECHO, 27 Jan 2022)