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DR Congo: Floods - Oct 2020

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Floods have affected North Kivu Province (eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo) following heavy rain on 2 October. According to media reports, at least 15 people died in Sake Town (Masisi territory) after the overflow of the Mutahyo River. Dozens of people have been displaced, several houses flooded and schools and health centres damaged. More rain is expected across the affected province over the next 24 hours. (ECHO, 5 Oct 2020)

The heavy rains that fell on Thursday, 1 October 2020 at 2 p.m. in the city of Sake and its surroundings in the territory of Masisi, North Kivu province, have caused material damage and loss of life among the population. The city of Sake is located about 25 km from the city of Goma with a population of 108,249 inhabitants. This rain caused erosion, leading to enormous damage with the bridge over the river Kihira, linking the Sake-Masisi road and Sake-Minova washed away. This has caused a breakdown in communication on the one hand, between Goma-Masisi and on the other hand, between Goma and South Kivu. Houses were washed away, schools were flooded, fields and grazing land for cows, sheep and goats were washed away. The affected population (about 3,825 people) is now living with host families. (IFRC, 14 Oct 2020)

Heavy rainfall continues to affect most of the country (particularly the eastern Provinces) over the last few days, causing floods, triggering landslides and resulting in fatalities and damage. According to media reports, 3 people have died in the Kalehe Territory (South Kivu Province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo). Several houses have been damaged and roads blocked. In addition, the death toll in Sake Town area (North Kivu Province) has risen to 6, following flood events on 15 November. For the next 24 hours, heavy rain is expected across the eastern Provinces (including North Kivu and South Kivu) and moderate rain is expected across the rest of the country. (ECHO, 20 Nov 2020)

Flooding and landslide triggered by heavy rainfall were reported across Mbanza-Ngungu City (Kongo Central Province, western Democratic Republic of Congo) on 2-3 December, resulting in at least 18 fatalities, as reported by media. The worst affected areas are Noki and Disengomoka districts. In addition, media report 4 injured people, and several damaged or destroyed houses across the affected area. Moderate to locally heavy rain is forecast over southern Democratic Republic of Congo, including Mbanza-Ngungu on 7-9 December. (ECHO, 7 Dec 2020)