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Chad: Floods - Aug 2020

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Following floods which have been occurring since early August 2020 in N’Djamena, 7,122 households (31,853 individuals) fled their homes located in 15 quartiers (7 arrondissements) of the city. They took refuge either elsewhere in their arrondissement, or in neighbouring arrondissements. Ten individuals died following the floods. It should be noted that 5,250 shelters have been destroyed. Most of the affected individuals are hosted by relatives, but some of them are currently without shelter. As of 25 August 2020, no assistance has been provided to meet their needs. (IOM, 25 Aug 2020)

The rainy season caused flooding in the central and southern provinces, the Lac and N’Djaména, affecting 188,915 people (37,783 households) as of 27 August, covering farming land, and impacting food security and livelihoods. (OCHA, 3 Sep 2020)