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Georgia: Floods - Jul 2020

Tipos de desastres

On 29 July, heavy rain affected RachaLechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, Guria and Imereti Regions of Georgia, mainly Oni Municipality, Lanchkhuti Municipality, and Kutaisi city. On 3 August, heavy rain affected Lagodekhi Municipality, Kakheti Region as well. As a result of the heavy rains, several villages in Oni Municipality are isolated from the outside world - infrastructure, such as roads and bridges connecting the villages, riverbank protections, as well as agricultural lands and fruit trees have been destroyed. The rain (approx. 125mm) suddenly started which caused serious damages in the Municipalities. Through 29-30 July, as well as on 4 August, the Local Government of the affected Municipalities officially approached the Georgia Red Cross Society with the request to support the affected population with the distribution of basic food and hygiene kits. The items will be delivered to the isolated villages by helicopter of the National Authorities. Besides the damages mentioned above; yards, entrances, basements and first floors of many houses and buildings have been flooded in affected Municipalities. Three houses have been totally destroyed in Lanchkhuti Municipality (Guria Region). All three families were evacuated, and the local Government provided temporary shelter/houses to them. (IFRC, 12 Aug 2020)

On 21 August, heavy rains caused flooding in Lentekhi Municipality, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Region. Five villages (Durashi, Esieri, Sakdari, Mutsdi and Tvibi), 55 families are isolated from the outside world. Flooded rivers - Mukhra and Cholshura, destroyed the bridges. Houses, agricultural lands are also flooded. This region is the same that is targeted by the already ongoing IFRC operation, but the rain affected another Municipality this time. On 23 August, heavy rain caused flooding in Imereti – Kutaisi and Tskaltubo Municipalities, Kakheti region-Lagodekhi and Sagarejo Municipalities and Adjara Autonomous Republic - Batumi. First floors and basements of the houses are flooded and roads are destroyed. The Government is currently evaluating and calculating the damage caused by the disaster. Currently no water contamination is reported in the communities as the government was actively working to repair the damaged water pipes. Currently there is no risk of disease spread in the affected communities. (IFRC, 31 Aug 2020)

On 1 October, heavy rains caused serious flooding in Batumi, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, inflicting damage to 146 households, (584 individuals) in addition to the 50 households (200 individuals) already affected by July-August disasters. In total, the floods of July-August and October 2020 affected up to 5,133 people and left them in need of support. (IFRC, 1 Apr 2021)