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Serbia: Floods - Jun 2020

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For two weeks before the date of the disaster, which occurred on 22-24 June, the Republic of Serbia was affected by heavy rainfalls. The most affected areas are Kolubarski, Moravicki, Raski, Zlatiborski, Rasinski, Toplicki, Jablanicki, and Pomoravski districts. 8 municipalities and cities reported on 22 June that were affected by heavy rain that caused flash floods and floods. It was reported that the municipalities of Osecina, Ljubovija, and Lucani are the most affected by heavy rain (more than 40 litres per square meter in 24 hours) leading to floods in the whole region. Rivers Jadar, Drina, Ibar, and local streams were spilled in Krupanj, Koceljeva, Trstenik, Osecina, Arilje, Lucani, Kraljevo. Agriculture fields and roads were flooded, accumulated water covered several rural roads and bridges.
Dozens of settlements in the Osecina municipality (Komiric, Bastav, Belotic) and city centre, were affected...In the 24 municipalities in which a state of emergency was declared, a total of 16,456 households were affected and 878 people were evacuated. Local self-governments and national government are engaging all capacities to recover infrastructure connection within cities and regions (rebuild broken roads, bridges, recover electricity and water supply, etc.). (IFRC, 10 Jul 2020)