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Zimbabwe: Malaria Outbreak - Mar 2020

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Zimbabwe is undergoing a surge of malaria cases since epidemiological week 10 (week ending on 8 March 2020). In week 15 (week ending on 12 April) a total of 35 311 malaria cases and 25 deaths were reported. Of the reported cases 3 359 cases (9.5%) were from the under five years old. As of 23 April 2020, the cumulative figures for malaria are 170 303 and 152 deaths. The cumulative CFR is 0.1%. (WHO, 28 April 2020)

From 1 January to 26 April 2020, more than 236,365 malaria cases and 226 deaths have been reported. During the week from 20 to 26 April, a total of 33,171 malaria cases and 21 deaths were reported representing a 220 per cent increase in cases compared to similar period in 2019. The number of health facilities reporting malaria outbreaks remain on the rise, with highly affected provinces being Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central. (OCHA, 7 May 2020)

From 1 January to 3 May 2020, 262,968 malaria cases and 246 deaths have been reported. During the week from 27 April to 3 May, a total of 26,103 malaria cases and 20 deaths were reported, with the highest number of cases being recorded in Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland East provinces. (OCHA, 21 May 2020)