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Madagascar: Floods - Jan 2020

Types de catastrophes

Since the beginning of the month, several areas of Madagascar have been affected by floods triggered by heavy rain, resulting in at least 6 deaths and widespread damage. According to media reports, 4 people died in Antananarivo (central Madagascar), and approximately 400 were affected. Several districts of Antananarivo were flooded and buildings destroyed, including the University of Antananarivo. In Andapa Municipality (north-east Madagascar) 2 people died as a result of flooding. In north-west Madagascar, Mahajanga Municipality has been particularly affected, with roads and buildings damaged by flood waters. On 21 January, red warnings for heavy rain were issued for areas in north-west Madagascar, while red warnings for strong winds and high waves are in effect for coastal western Madagascar. Rain will continue to affect most of the country over 22-23 January. (ECHO, 22 Jan 2020)

Following widespread floods and landslides across several the Alaotra Mangoro, Analamanga, Betsiboka, Boeny, Melaky and Sofia regions, 13 people are now confirmed dead. According to media reports, at least 19 people are missing, approximately 3,000 people are displaced and more than 47,000 affected. Roads are damaged in the northern part of the country, leaving some villages isolated. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast over north-western, central-eastern and south-eastern regions. (ECHO, 24 Jan 2020)

Heavy rainfall and flooding caused by a tropical disturbance have affected nearly 107,000 people, including more than 16,000 displaced, and caused at least 31 deaths in Madagascar over the last week. The Government declared a State of Emergency on 24 January and is leading the humanitarian response. (OCHA, 26 Jan 2020)

As of 25 January, the human toll is 9 people missing, 31 reported dead, 106,846 affected, 16,031 displaced. The estimation of damage on infrastructure is as follows: 67 public schools completely destroyed, 28 public schools partially destroyed, 18 schools used as evacuation centers. The government declare an Emergency State by the prime Minister. The delivery of humanitarian aid is the biggest issue for humanitarian actor, and the mobilization of sectoral prepositioning and on-site stock is prioritized in the current activities. (IFRC, 05 Feb 2020)