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Yemen: Dengue Outbreak - Dec 2019

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A significant increase in dengue cases was observed in the last three weeks of epidemiological reporting (Weeks 47,48,49) in the country and this was further confirmed on the 18th December during the Health Cluster meeting, with 22,003 cases and 60 deaths reported. Children below five years old are 11% of the total caseload and 30% of the total death cases. Dengue outbreaks have affected 174 of 333 total districts (54%) in 22 of 23 governorates of the country. The highest governorates with suspected dengue cases are from Hodeiadah, Taiz, Aden, Hajja and Lahj and death cases reported from Hudaidah, Aden, Hajja, Lahj, Shabwa, Marib and Rayma. Most reported cases are concentrated in urban areas. The number of affected governorates is likely to increase due to the collapse of the health system in Yemen, the poor water and hygiene condition in the most affected areas, additionally due to the ongoing complex and protracted conflict, with limited access to humanitarian support to the most vulnerable and affected populations. (IFRC, 26 Dec 2019)

In 2019 there were 76,768 suspected cases across the country and 271 deaths, 71 per cent of all cases were in Al Hodeidah, and in the first two weeks of January, there were 5,524 with 11 associated deaths.The number of suspected cases has reduced in some areas, but there are still hotspot districts, and the highest incidence per 10,000 of the population are in Al Hodeidah (10.7), Aden (2.36), Marib (2.12) and Lahj (1.63). (OCHA, 31 Jan 2020)

Since the onset of the outbreak in Yemen, dengue suspected cases to date continue to increase during 2020 compared with 2019, the suspected cases up to week 28 are four times the cases in comparison 2019, and six times the reported numbers in 2018, according to the Yemen Health Cluster. According to the latest epidemiological bulletin Issue 28 (covering week 28 up 6-12 July, epi week 28), Hudaidah remains the most affected, recording 31,241 cases out of the total caseload. (IFRC, 28 Aug 2020)

From 1 January to 27 September 2020, a total of 38,516 suspected Dengue Fever cases were reported from northern governorates, with 76 associated deaths. Within the reporting period, 50 districts reported suspected cases with 92 per cent of suspected cases were reported from four governorates: Mareb (52 per cent), Al Hudaydah (22 per cent), Hajjah (12 per cent) and Taizz (7 per cent). A dengue fever control campaign in Aden city's eight districts was launched on 13 September by the Ministry of Public Health and Population, with the support of the WHO and KSRelief. The campaign included indoor and outdoor fogging, community awareness activities, vector surveillance and environmental management of all mosquitoes breeding sources, to provide direct protection to 430,000 people and indirectly to the 1.7 million total population of Aden city. (WHO, 19 Oct 2020)