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Djibouti: Floods - Nov 2019

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Since 21 November, Djibouti has experienced heavy rains which triggered flash floods across the country. In Djibouti city alone, initial estimates indicate that over 30,000-40,000 families (150,000-250,000 people) have been somewhat affected by the floods, and 9 people (7 children) have reportedly been killed. Reports indicate that between 21 and 24 November, almost 300mm of rain were recorded in Djibouti city alone, or over three times the annual average. Dwellings, shops, schools and infrastructure have been damaged. In some neighborhoods, access to electricity was also interrupted. In other areas of the country, damages to roads and flash floods have affected access to several communities, and information available to date indicate that at least 300 families are now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Tadjourah region alone. The recently inaugurated Tadjourah-Balho road, and road between Djibouti and Tadjourah suffered severe damages. A bridge in Arta area (PK53) is in danger of collapsing. (UNCT Djibouti/Gov't of Djibouti, 24 Nov 2019)

Some 250,000 people have been affected countrywide (26% of the population), and 150,000 (including migrants and refugees) are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. In Djibouti city alone, 200,000 were affected (21% of the total population) and 120,000 require immediate relief support. Some 10 people (7 children) have reportedly been killed. Floods also caused widespread destruction of infrastructure, homes and livelihoods. (UNCT Djibouti/Gov't of Djibouti, 05 Dec 2019)

Heavy rains fell between 21 and 28 November 2019 with a peak between 22 and 23 November in Djibouti. The equivalent of two years of precipitation occurred in one day. New rains between 7 and 10 December made access to the affected areas more difficult. 11 people (including 7 children) lost their lives due to flooding and a landslide due to heavy rainfall. (UNCT Djibouti/Gov't of Djibouti, 17 Dec 2019)