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Uganda: Floods and Landslides - Oct 2019

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Hundreds of people have been left homeless in Butaleja and Bulambuli districts in eastern Uganda following ongoing heavy rains. According to the Uganda Red cross Society, an assessment conducted by the humanitarian movement shows that many houses are submerged in water and Lelesi Bridge almost washed away as many roads are cut off. Over 1,000 people have been affected with some of the most affected sub counties being Bulambuli Town Council, Nabongo, Siimu, Great Bukhalu, Bunalwire and Bwanyanga (Monitor, 19 Oct 2019.)

In Uganda, 3 deaths were reported in Kasese District (Western Region). Around 950 households were affected, approximately 100 homes destroyed and several others damaged in eastern and western regions due to the Manafwa River overflow (ECHO, 23 Oct 2019.)

Since mid-October, continuous heavy rainfall in Bulambuli and Butaleja districts near Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda, have caused severe flooding and triggered some mudslides. At least 950 houses have been flooded, leaving more than 4,500 people in need of shelter. Critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges and schools has been damaged and/or destroyed. Some schools have been temporarily closed. (ACAPS, 4 Nov 2019)

According to media reports, as of 6 November, one person died and 2 people are missing following flooding in Mukono District. In Bulambuli and Butaleja districts, 4,500 people have been displaced, 950 houses flooded and schools, roads and bridges damaged or destroyed. (ECHO, 6 Nov 2019.)

More than 900 houses to resettle about 7,200 out of the 100,000 landslide victims will be constructed on 2,800 acres. In the first phase, 101 houses were constructed and about 720 people were relocated from the landslide affected districts (Monitor, 11 Nov 2019.)

The Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) has developed a three (3) months integrated emergency preparedness and response plan to respond and mitigate impacts of anticipated adverse weather events; including flooding and landslides arising from torrential rainfall that has affected over 10 districts; as well as response to confirmed cholera outbreaks in the four districts of Busia, Bududa, Kyegegwa and Isingiro. (Uganda Red Cross, 29 Nov 2019)

[F]looding and landslides have impacted at least 12 districts, including Bundibugyo District, where more than 4,000 people were affected. (OCHA, 4 Dec 2019)

Several landslides, triggered by heavy rains occurred across eastern Uganda, leading to fatalities and damage. A landslide occurred on 4 December in Bubuda District (Eastern Region of Uganda), where at least five people died, 48 are still missing, and over 200 families are affected, as reported by the Government of Uganda. Most of the roads and bridges in the districts are reportedly flooded, while search and rescue operations are hindered by shortage of personnel and equipment. Several landslides and floods were reported in Sironko District (Eastern Region of Uganda), where the Sironko river broke its banks. According to the Uganda Red Cross Society, at least five people are dead and over 200 are displaced in Zesui and Masaba sub-counties. Moderate to locally heavy rains will persist over southern areas of the Country on 7-8 December. (ECHO, 6 Dec 2019)

Heavy rain has affected western, eastern and northern regions causing floods and landslides. 36 people died, 22 in Bundibugyo District. Up to 6,000 people are displaced in Bududa District alone. The refugees’ transit centre in Bundibugyo District will host up to 700 internally displaced Ugandan nationals. Facilities are already overstretched and a new refugee influx from the DRC, linked to recent clashes in Ituri, may further exacerbate the situation.(ECHO, 10 Dec 2019)

Torrential rains are being experienced across Uganda. According to the Uganda National Meteorological Department (UNMA), abovenormal rains will continue until the end of the year. At least 38 people have died due to floods and landslides in Bundibugyo, Bududa and Sironko districts, and over 150 people have been injured. At least 300,000 have been affected and an estimated 65,000 people are displaced, according to Government sources. The floods and landslides have left a trail of destruction, including damaged homes, infrastructure, agriculture and livelihoods (OCHA, 19 Dec 2019.)