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Typhoon Ketsana - Sep 2009

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Tipos de desastres
Ciclón tropical

Ketsana, known locally as "Ondoy," which struck on 26 September, came at a particularly bad time for the Philippines. Three previous typhoons had saturated affected areas before the recent heavy rainfall, exacerbating flooding. The storm swept across Manila and parts of Central Luzon, bringing the equivalent of one month's rain in just 12 hours. The waters rose so fast that people living in low-lying areas were caught unawares and had to stay on the roofs of their houses to avoid being swept away by the floods. About 80 percent of Manila, home to some 12 million people, was inundated. Overall, eight provinces were declared to be in a state of calamity.

According to the Philippine National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC), as of 6 October, 295 people have been reported killed and over 3.9 million affected by tropical storm Ketsana. At least 335,700 people are currently in 559 evacuation shelters. Approximately 16,000 houses were destroyed by the storm and subsequent flooding. At least 22,800 homes were partially damaged. (OCHA, 6 Oct 2009)

Further access to areas affected by Tropical Storm Ketsana on 26 September, and verification of data, resulted in higher recorded numbers of flood-affected. The floods affected at least 3,929,030 people (805,740 families), with 295 confirmed deaths and 39 people missing. A total of 335,740 people were sheltered in 559 evacuation shelters. Approximately 16,094 houses were destroyed by the Tropical Storm Ketsana and 22,849 houses partially damaged, according to NDCC. (OCHA, 6 Oct 2009)