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Nigeria: Floods - Aug 2019

Disaster types

Incessant rains led to the displacement of some residents of Asheikri, Kawuri, Hausari, Ma’anna/Dagambi, Balle/Gallaba/Melari and Gumsa wards in the Geidam Local Government Area (LGA) of the northeastern State of Yobe. An estimated 318 houses have been damaged, affecting 2,802 individuals (431 households). Asheikri, Kawuri and Hausari were the most affected wards, hosting a combined 1,716 individuals (61%) of the displaced individuals. (IOM, 19 Aug 2019)

As of 23rd August, over 6,800 people living in displacement camps in Maiduguri had been impacted by floods. In Dikwa, 500 people had been rendered homeless due to flooding and had set up home in disused registration centres. (NRC, 23 Aug 2019)

An estimated 8,875 households (HH) have been affected by torrential rains and flash floods across Borno and Yobe states. Heavy rains have also hit Adamawa State and the number of affected households is being assessed. An estimated 7,347 emergency shelters and makeshift shelters have been partially damaged or destroyed, while some others were inundated in some IDP camps and host communities in Borno and Yobe States. In total, 405 WASH facilities have been damaged or destroyed in Borno State. (OCHA, 24 Aug 2019)

Heavy rains have inundated two camps and a village in Ngala locality in northeast Nigeria, affecting around 3,450 people. More than 600 houses, including emergency shelters, toilets and other water and hygiene facilities as well as food and household items have been destroyed. Humanitarian organizations are mobilizing assistance and are also working to prevent further damage as heavy rains and flash floods are expected to continue in September, according to forecasters. Floods have also hit locations in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states, with at least 10 deaths and thousands of people displaced reported. (OCHA, 13 Sep 2019)