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Pakistan: Floods and Landslides - Jul 2019

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Heavy rainfall has been affecting north-eastern Pakistan - particularly the Azad, Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Territory (AJK) - over the past few days, triggering flash floods and landslides. Media report 28 fatalities and five injured in Leswa Town (Neelum District, northern AJK). More than 100 houses have been damaged and a mosque swept away by floodwaters. (ECHO, 16 Jul 2019)

As of 16 July, 27 persons are reported missing in AJK, with 150 houses fully damaged, and Leswa Bazar completely washed out. (Govt. of Pakistan, 16 Jul 2019)

Flash flooding took place in Neelum district in the northern part of the country. As of 22 Jul, 24 people were killed, 7 injured and approximately 200 houses damaged. The Government authorities and Red Crescent have responded. (OCHA, 22 Jul 2019)

According a government report, as of 28 July, 64 people have died (14 in Punjab, 10 in Balochistan, 18 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 22 in AJK), more than 71 have been injured and at least 160 houses have been damaged. The road between Chitral City and Golden Valley is damaged, three bridges have been flooded and the water supply to Chitral has been interrupted. (ECHO, 29 Jul 2019)

Local authorities report, as of 30 July, 83 people have died (23 in Punjab, 25 in KP, 10 in Balochistan, 22 in AJ&K), 74 have been injured and over 200 houses damaged. Water supply to Chitral continues to be interrupted and three power houses have been damaged. (Govt. of Pakistan, 30 Jul 2019)

Monsoon rains have flooded several districts of Sindh Province (south-eastern Pakistan), leading to 26 deaths and 4 injured between 9-12 August according to the national authorities. Torrential rain also contributed to 7 deaths of in Punjab. Several areas are still flooded in Karachi, hampering search and rescue operations. At least 128 people have been evacuated to a relief camp in Matiari City. Heavy rainfall, with strong winds and thunderstorms will continue to affect most of Pakistan over 13-14 August. (ECHO, 13 Aug 2019)

Heavy rainfall has been affecting north-eastern Pakistan over the past week, triggering landslides resulting in casualties and damage. As of 19 August, media report 7 people dead and 6 injured after a landslide occurred in Pothi Chapriyan Hiloti village (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Territory) on 17 August. Over the next 24 hours heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are forecast over north-eastern Pakistan. (ECHO, 20 Aug 2019)

Heavy rainfall has been affecting north-eastern Pakistan over the last week, triggering floods, landslides and mud-flows. Media report 12 deaths, 7 in Hajira village (Poonch District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Territory) following a landslide and mudflow and 5 more across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Region after several landslides. Over the next 24 hours light to moderate rainfall is expected over northern regions. According to official government figures, 221 people have died as a result of flooding this year. (ECHO, 21 Aug 2019)