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Papua New Guinea: Mt. Manam Volcano - Jun 2019

Disaster types

Based on the report from Rabaul Volcanological Observatory, on 28 June 2019 from around 07:00 hours (Papua New Guinean time), a volcanic activity was reported on a basaltic-andesitic stratovolcano1 , Manam Volcano (locally known as Manam Motu), in, Madang province, on the northeast coast of the mainland Papua New Guinea. On 29 June 2019, as at 07:45 hours, local time, the volcano continues to erupt and emitting volcanic ash up to 4,572 meters (15,000 feets) and dispersing superheated pyroclastic flows to the west and northeast slopes of the volcano. Manam Volcano is a basaltic-andesitic stratovolcano On 28 June 2019, Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin warned about a volcanic activity and ash plume that rose up to estimated 50,000 ft (15,200 meters) altitude or flight level 500. The status at this point was 4 out of 5. (IFRC, 29 Jun 2019)

According to reports from partners on the ground, up to seven villages including Dugulava, Yassa, Budua, Madauri, Waia, Dangale and Bokure were affected by ashfall and pyroclastic flow and debris. Approximately 755 households (3,775 people) have moved to three care centres. The largest is Baliau with 447 households (2,235 people), followed by Kuluguma with 182 households (910 people), while 76 households (380 people) are staying in Boda and 50 households (250 people) are staying in Iassa. (Office of the Resident Coordinator, 2 Jul 2019)

As of 5 July, an estimated 1,410 people from seven villages remain affected. As many as 455 homes and many home gardens have been destroyed. On the response to the Manam volcanic activity, provincial disaster authorities have identified immediate needs for food and water. The National Disaster Centre said it released relief items to provincial authorities on 4 July. (Office of the Resident Coordinator, 5 Jul 2019)

As of 12 Jul, Manam volcano continues to emit volcanic ash. An eruption at 11:40 a.m. (UTC+10) on 12 July sent a plume of volcanic ash to approximately 3,660 metres (12,000 feet) in the air, according to a Darwin, Australia, Volcanic Ash Advisory. An estimated 1,410 people from seven villages on the island remain affected. Disaster authorities have identified immediate needs for food and water, noting the only available water sources currently available to be muddy or brackish. (Office of the Resident Coordinator, 12 Jul 2019)

The Manam volcano (Manam island) located 700 km west of Mount Ulawun began to erupt on 28 September and, as of 2 October, the ash column has risen to 3,000 m. There are no reports of any casualties or damage. According to the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, as of 2 October, a red aviation color code has been issued for Manam. (ECHO, 03 Oct 2019)