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Tajikistan: Floods and Mudslides - Jun 2019

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During 1 to 7 June 2019, continuous heavy rains resulted in mudflows and floods countrywide. In total, 10 mid-scale mudflows and floods have occurred throughout Tajikistan. 1,350 households (6,750 people) were heavily affected in Khatlon province (Vose, Farkhor, Temurmalik, Pyanj and Khuroson districts), Sughd province (Devashtich, Isfara, Penjikent and Knibodom districts) and in Direct Ruled Districts (DRD) Rudaky and Fayzobod. At least 4 persons were killed in Khuroson, Penjikent and Pyanj. The mudflows repeatedly hit the same locations (in Farkhor and Vose) on 6 June 2019. Around 650 households were evacuated to neighbouring villages, and have already returned to their houses, but another 150 households from Farkhor district remain evacuated in safe locations. The Government commenced relief operations in all the affected districts and calls for assistance from in-country humanitarian partners. (IFRC, 18 Jun 2019)