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Yemen: Floods - Jun 2019

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Torrential rain and flash flooding in recent weeks, culminating in widespread flooding in the second week of June, have affected thousands of families across Yemen. It is estimated that rains and floods have affected close to 70,000 people, including internally displaced people, in over 10 governorates. Hajjah Governorate is the most affected Governorate...As of 10 June, the Executive Unit for IDPs rapid assessment identified more than 3,000 displaced families (18,000 people) in Aden, Lahj, Taizz and Hadramaut affected by heavy rain and flooding between 7 and 9 June. Approximately 1,321 displaced families (about 8,000 people) have been affected in 12 areas of Aden City. The rains have also affected 1,385 displaced families (8,310 people) in four sites in Tuban District in Lahj Governorate, 315 families (1,890 people) at five sites in Ash Shamayatayn and Al Maafer districts in Taizz, 149 families (894 people) in several sites in As Shihir, Al Mukalla and Al Abr districts in Hadramaut, and 243 families (about 1,500 people) in IDP settlements in Al Qods village, Khanfir District in Abyan. (OCHA, 11 Jun 2019)

Heavy rains, winds and flooding in the southern governorates of Aden and Lahj have left a trail of destruction in their wake as shelters, health clinics, food stocks, and WASH facilities succumbed to the extreme weather conditions. As a result, some 2,700 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been directly affected. The Shelter/CCCM/NFI cluster partners, including UNHCR and the government authorities, immediately conducted field visits, deciding that 600 emergency shelter kits (ESKs) and core-relief items (CRIs) each would be distributed at IDP sites in Aden and Lahj, along with the materials needed to rehabilitate damaged shelters. Health clinic tents and mobile health units are to be temporarily activated. WASH partners have been asked to provide a water pump to remove floodwater from the IDP sites. (UNHCR, 14 Jun 2019)

Across Yemen, rains intensified in recent weeks leading to a sharp increase in the number of families affected by flash floods and damage to infrastructure. On 6 August, the National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response (NAMCHA) appealed to the humanitarian community for assistance to respond to most pressing needs in the most affected Governorates. (OCHA, 10 Aug 2019)

Heavy rains and thunderstorms hit southern Yemen on 27 September, affecting Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Shabwah and Hadramaut governorates. In Aden, houses were flooded and electricity cuts of up to 15 hours due to storm-induced damages to the electricity grid. Serious damage to IDP sites was reported in Aden City, Tuban in Lahj Governorate and Khanfir in Abyan District. The Meteorological Department at Aden International Airport reports that adverse weather conditions may continue for several days. Central areas of Yemen were also affected. On 29 September, the Executive Unit in Marib reported that on 28 September, a total of 59 houses, from Al Gofinah IDPs Spontaneous Settlements located in Marib City in Marib Governorate, were demolished by flash floods that washed away already displaced families houses and belongings. There is an urgent need of shelter, non-food items (NFIs) and food. In Dhamar Governorate, 109 families were affected by recent floods in Wusab As Safil District. Reports indicate that shelter and NFIs are priority needs with further needs assessments underway. In addition, on 1 October, heavy rains and floods hit Abs and Aslem districts in Hajjah Governorate and Az Zuhra and Bayt Al Faqiah districts in Al Hudaydah Governorate. Humanitarian partners are mobilizing efforts to assess needs. (OCHA, 3 Oct 2019)