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Georgia: Floods - May 2019

Tipos de desastres

On 12 May 2019, heavy rain and hail affected Kakheti Region of Georgia, mainly Lagodekhi, Akhmeta, Telavi and Dedoplistskaro municipalities. As a result of the heavy rain (125 mm), yards, entrances, basements and first floors of many houses and buildings were flooded. Furthermore, infrastructure, such as roads and bridges connecting the villages, riverbank protections, as well as agricultural lands and fruit trees have been destroyed. The Emergency Management Service and all relevant ministries are involved in the liquidation works of the flooding of the rivers in the affected villages. In total 1,272 families (5,088 people) have been affected by the disaster in Kakheti Region. The overall population of the affected municipalities is approximately 147,800 with the breakdown per community as follows:

• Dedoplistskaro Municipality – in total 20,900 people,
• Telavi Municipality 56,000 people,
• Lagodekhi Municipality 41,300 people,
• Akhmeta 29,600 people.

(IFRC, 27 May 2019)