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Syria: Floods - Mar 2019

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Starting from 31 March, the heavy rains and the subsequent flooding in the Hasakah Governorate of Syria have affected an estimated 45,000 people, including people living in the internally displaced persons’ camps. The Hasakah Branch of SARC responded immediately to the floods, using regional emergency stocks, by providing 3,000 of the affected population with basic supplies, first aid and health care to the affected population in Tal Hamis, the most seriously affected district. (IFRC, 10 Apr 2019)

SARC, supported by the Movement partners, ICRC, is planning to request international assistance in the in the coming days to support work already being implemented by SARC. The plan is to cover immediate basic needs for three months.The operation will target the needs for 45,000 people in villages, towns and IDP camps that are not receiving humanitarian aid from other partners, noting the current focus from the international humanitarian community on the 73,000 IDPs in the Al Hol camp. (IFRC, 11 Apr 2019)

Heavy rains have caused the worst flooding in a decade across Syria’s Al Hasakeh region, where 118,000 people are facing near complete destruction of their homes and livelihoods. The majority of the affected population are internally displaced people who have fled conflict in Northern Syria and are receiving humanitarian assistance from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the only organization that has access to this part of the country. Several camps for internally displaced people have been heavily affected across the region, including some 40,000 people in Al Hol camp and approximately 86 million square metres of land have been submerged in flood waters, destroying crops and livestock. (IFRC, 17 Apr 2019)