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Peru: Floods and Landslides - Feb 2019

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Heavy rainfall has been affecting southern Peru (particualrly Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna and Ica Regions) over the last week, causing rivers to overflow (especially the Rio Locumba), triggering floods, landslides and mudslides. According to media reports, as of 13 February at 8.00 UTC, ten people were killed (three in Arequipa Region and two more in Ica Region), 1 800 injured and approximately 8 000 affected. Infrastructure facilities have also been damaged. (ECHO, 13 Feb 2019)

39 deaths have been reported so far and nearly 8 300 people have been affected. Floods and landslides have damaged or destroyed roads, bridges, houses, crops and killed more than 5 500 animals. (ECHO, 21 Feb 2019)

As of 28 February, media reported 51 deaths and 79 injured people. Furthermore, 228 houses have been destroyed, 26 bridges have been demolished and several roads have been blocked by torrential rain and landslides. (ECHO, 28 Feb 2019)

Heavy rain in the past days has caused the overflow of Tumbes River located in Tumbes Region (northern Peru). Several districts of Pampa Grande, San Jacinto and San Juan de la Virgen in the Tumbes city area have been flooded. As of 7 March at 8.00 UTC, media report that three schools, 10 houses and 956 hectares of crops have been flooded. 12 villages were isolated by the overflow of the river. (ECHO, 7 Mar 2019)

On 13 March 2019, the Peru National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reported heavy rain and an overflow of the Cañavera creek yesterday afternoon causing floods and isolating the following towns in Tumbes Department: Tacna Libre, Cherrelique, Bellavista, La Choza, Cienego Sur, Cienego Norte, El Palmo, Chicama, Cuadrillas, and el Cardo. In Canoas de Punta Sal District, Contralmirante Villa Province, 153 people and 47 homes were affected due to floods. Elsewhere in Abancay City, Apurimac Region, media reported, more than 1,000 homes built in the ravines are at a high risk due to an overflow of the Colcaque creek. (PAHO, 14 Mar 2019)

Heavy rainfall has been impacting the province of Utcubamba (Amazonas Region, Peru) since 25 March, causing the overflow of the Maranon river. As of 28 March at 8.00 UTC, the National Institute of Civil Defence reports that 25 houses were destroyed and 25 families have been evacuated in the district of Cumba. (ECHO, 28 Mar 2019)

On 29 March 2019, [COEN] reported heavy rain and mudslides occurred yesterday in several districts of Chanchamayo Province, Junin Region, affecting 370 families and homes. In addition, 13 homes were destroyed and two deaths were reported. In Perene District, an overflow of the Perene river affected several roads and the main potable water pipeline in the district. Elsewhere, in Ripan District, Dos de Mayo Province, Huanuco Department, 80 families and homes were affected due to rain and mudslides. (PAHO, 29 Mar 2019)

As of 4 April at 8.00 UTC, media report that in Junin Region (central Peru) four people have been reported dead and at least 1 800 have been affected by the overflowing of rivers Chanchamayo, Paucartambo and Perené. Up to 30 houses have been reportedly destroyed and over 500 have been flooded. Intense rainfall has been registered in San Martin Region (northern Peru), where the overflowing of the river Huallaga has affected 228 people and flooded 70 buildings. For the next 48 hours, heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms could affect mainland Peru, from the central areas to the south. A Level 4 warning, has been issued for several districts in Arequipa, Puno, Tacna and Cuzco regions (southern Peru). (ECHO, 3 Apr 2019)