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Costa Rica: Floods - Oct 2018

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On 2 October 2018, the IMN warned of a low-pressure system coming in from the south-western Caribbean Sea, which activated an Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone over the country and over the waters of the Pacific (Meteorological Report # 2). On 4 October, IMN detected two other low-pressure systems (Meteorological Report #8), one in the Caribbean near the Nicaraguan coast and another in the Pacific in western Costa Rica, that led to even more intense rainfall and severe weather conditions along the Pacific coast and slightly milder conditions in other parts of the country. Rains of varying intensity fell in Pacific regions and even in the Central Valley. The greatest amount of rainfall was recorded in the Nicoya Peninsula and the Central Pacific, where between 50 to150 mm over a period of 24 hours. 125,190 people were affected by the floods. (IFRC, 15 Oct 2018) .

On 17 October 2018, the Costa Rica National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE) reported a red alert for the districts of Lepanto, Paquera, and Cobano in the Puntarenas Canton and Nicoya, Nandayure, Hojancha, Carrillo, and Santa Cruz Cantons, Guanacaste Province due to a tropical wave. Currently, 18 shelters are open and assisting 557 people; the CNE is providing assistance to 193 communities. (PAHO, 18 Oct 2018) .