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DPR Korea: Floods - Aug 2018

Types de catastrophes

On 24 August, Tropical Storm Soulik caused extremely heavy rainfall, resulting in heavy flooding in Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces. Munchon city was worst affected with 10 reported deaths, 60 persons missing and ongoing search and rescue activities. Over 58,000 people were reportedly displaced from both Munchon city and Kowon city. Many schools and health facilities were destroyed or damaged. The water supply system of Munchon city was destroyed leaving tens of thousands of people without access to safe drinking water. Agricultural land has been damaged or washed away. The government is providing assistance in terms of search and rescue, temporary shelter, and health care. As of 2 September, heavy flooding is reported in North and South Hwanghae provinces. In both provinces there are 76 reported deaths, and 75 people missing. Over 9,000 people are displaced and nearly 1,800 residential buildings destroyed or damaged. A humanitarian assessment is planned for 4 September and will inform the international humanitarian response. (OCHA, 3 Sep 2018)

Red Cross volunteers in [DPRK] are searching for survivors in the aftermath of severe flooding that has killed 76 people in North and South Hwanghae provinces. More than 75 people are still missing, many of them children. Heavy rains in recent days triggered large-scale flooding and land slides in low-lying areas, destroying more than 800 buildings including homes, clinics and schools (IFRC, 6 Sep 2018)

According to Government reports, in North and South Hwanghae, 17,000 hectares of agricultural land has been impacted by the floods. Many of the crops that were washed had been nearing harvest, raising concerns about the negative impacts on food production and people’s longer-term food security. (OCHA, 7 Sep 2018)

As of 7 September, more than 10,600 people remain displaced from their homes following days of heavy rain and flash floods at the end of August...At least 76 people are confirmed to have died and many hundreds more are injured or missing. (OCHA, 10 Sep 2018) Entire communities have been affected, especially those whose houses were close to the river. In Eup Town, Kumchon Country a landslide destroyed several houses and in the nearby valley, over 77 houses were washed away with a significant loss of life. There are indications of other affected villages but as roads are blocked, it is not possible to assess the damage and needs at the moment. The government has provided population figures for the affected counties indicating that a total of 581,268 people are affected – North Hwanghae (308,070) and South Hwanghae (273,198). (IFRC, 17 Sep 2018)