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Niger: Floods - Jul 2018

Disaster types
Flash Flood

At least 100 houses collapsed in Tahoua after heavy rainfalls hit the city on 15 July. There is little information available on needs although damages are said to be extensive. In 2018, at least 170,000 people are expected to be affected by floods during the rainy season, usually ranging from June to October. Similar heavy rains are also affecting the bordering state of Katsina in Nigeria, where at least 44 people were killed, 20 people have been reported missing and 500 houses have been damaged in the city of Jibia. (ACAPS, 17 Jul 2018)

As of 23 July, 13 people have died, 13 were injured and 17,682 are affected by floods across the country. The Agadez area, centre, and the Maradi region, south, are the hardest hit. The floods have destroyed 649 houses, affected almost 3,000 households and caused the loss of 24,617 animals and 400 hectares of farmland. According to the Government’s Contingency Plan, around 170,000 people could be affected by floods in Niger in 2018. (OCHA, 23 Jul 2018)

Heavy rains and subsequent floods have had devastating consequences in several parts of the country. The Ministry of Humanitarian Action reports nearly 50 000 homeless people as a consequence of the damage or complete destruction of 3 131 houses. 22 people lost their lives, 26 344 livestock were killed and 3 900 hectares of land are devastated. (ECHO, 13 Aug 2018)

Heavy rains and subsequent floods have affected several parts of the country over the past few weeks. According to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, 36 people have been killed. 130 000 have had their homes destroyed, their livestock killed or their land devastated. The government of Niger, together with international humanitarian actors is responding to the most pressing needs in terms of food, shelter and non-food items. Over the coming weeks, more heavy rainfall is expected, which will likely result in an increase in humanitarian needs. (ECHO, 28 Aug 2018)