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Ethiopia: Floods and Landslides - Apr 2018

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Reported flash flood incidences since the second week of April have left hundreds of thousands of people in need of immediate humanitarian support in Afar (Awsi), Oromia (Arsi, East Shewa, East and West Hararge zones) and Somali (7 zones) regions. Areas affected by recurring floods have been advocating for enhanced flood early warning, mitigation and preparedness mechanisms...In Somali region, more than 27,000 flood-affected households (165,000 persons) need urgent food, water, health services and NFI support. Overflow of Genale and Wabi Shebelle rivers and related tributaries due to recent heavy rains in the Somali region and the highlands of Oromia has affected more than 83 kebeles in 19 woredas (districts) of Afder, Fafan, Liben, Nogob, Siti, Shebele and warder Zones. Several Kebeles are submerged and farmlands are either flooded or washed away at flowering stage. Many people’s houses/shelters and livestock have reportedly been washed away, leaving people displaced and homeless. (OCHA, 22 Apr 2018)

According to the April 2018 DTM, thirty-five displacement incidents were reported during April alone displacing 170,760 people nationwide, the majority due to flooding in Somali region. Meanwhile, according to the latest report from the Somali Regional Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Bureau (RDPPB), the flooding in Somali region has affected 43,887 families/households (263,322 people), of which, 25,238 households/151,428 people were displaced. The Somali region DPPB report also indicated that the floods destroyed 12,911 hectars of farmland and damaged 76 health facilities, mostly health posts. At least 123 schools were affected, interrupting schooling. The report also states that more than 15,643 houses were destroyed, requiring emergency shelter interventions. (OCHA, 10 May 2018)

Flood incidents continued to be reported during the month of May. In Somali region alone, flooding affected more than 52,170 households (313,000 people), of whom 31,300 households are displaced. Houses were damaged and livelihoods destroyed. Damages to public infrastructures, including health posts and schools also interrupted already scant services. (OCHA, 22 May 2018)

Landslides caused by heavy rains on 26 May killed 22 people in Tullu Gola kebele of Nansebu woreda in West Arsi zone, Oromia region. At least seven injured people were hospitalized. The landslide displaced 53 people (11 households), who require immediate food, shelter and non-food item support...[L]andslides caused by heavy rains on 27 May killed at least 23 people in Sidama zone and nine people in Gamo Gofa zone of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) region. At least 23 people were injured...More than 50,000 households were displaced due to flooding nationwide so far this year. (OCHA, 3 Jun 2018)