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Rwanda: Floods - Mar 2018

Types de catastrophes
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On 3rd March 2018, at around 16:00 local time, Rubavu District, located in the Western Province of Rwanda, experienced heavy rains, which resulted in flooding along Sebeya River and other areas where people live on steep hills were affected by landslides due to heavy rains. The affected areas are in four sectors of Rubavu, namely Nyundo, Nyakiliba, Rugerero and Kanama. In fact, the flooding resulted more from increased rainfall upstream than in the affected areas. There were no predictable signs of flooding downstream. According to the data gathered during joint rapid and detailed assessments conducted by RRCS, volunteers and local authorities, around 5,000 households (25,000 people) from 7 cells of the four sectors were affected by the floods, of which 4,750 people from 950 households were directly affected. These 950 Homeless families are being accommodated in the nearby communities after their homes were either destroyed or damaged by flowing waters and mud debris. (IFRC, 23 Mar 2018)

Heavy rain has been affecting central and north-eastern Rwanda over the past few days. According to local media, as of 27 April at 7:00 UTC, at least 24 people have died as a result of floods and landslides triggered by the heavy rain. Buildings have been damaged in Kamonyi District. (ECHO, 27 Apr 2018)