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Albania: Floods - Nov 2017

Tipos de desastres

Heavy rainfall affected the territory of Albania since 30 November 2017. In some areas the density of rain was 130 mm for two uninterrupted hours... The populated areas most affected by the rivers overflowed are the following: Fushë- Krujë, Ura e Gjoles, Murqine, Vore, Kamez, Laprake, Darzeze, Jaru, Bishtan, Ferras, Kashisht, Martin, Novosele, Bishan, Mifol, Fitore, Ure Vajgurore, Korce, and Gjirokaster...Official figures provided by the governmental structures shows that 3,340 houses are flooded, 65 bridges are collapsed, and 56 public schools are damaged, while 15,000 ha land is under water. In some areas, the water was not suitable for drinking; while the electricity is cut off in same of the affected areas.

According to the preliminary information provided by the 18 Red Cross branches which are operating in the flooded areas, approximately 4,700 families or approximately 21,0000 people have been affected by the floods, however, according to the updated assessment, about 2,000 families have been identified as severely affected with considerable losses. The affected families have lost mostly their winter food reserves and partly their livestock, home furniture and electro-domestic devices. (IFRC, 11 Dec 2017)