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Papua New Guinea: Measles Outbreak - Aug 2017

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On 23 August 2017, the first case of measles was reported in the Vanimo Green District (VGD) of West Sepik Province in North-West Papua New Guinea (PNG), near the border with Indonesia. As of 31 October, 57 cases have been reported, with eight having been confirmed by laboratory tests, and two deaths. A measles outbreak has been ongoing in areas of neighbouring Indonesia directly beside the Vanimo Green District. The high mobility of people along this border may have resulted in measles being brought over to PNG, including new cases. The vaccination coverage rates on the Indonesia border side are low. The government is putting in place vaccination at the official border crossing; however, there are also other border sites where the spread of measles can occur. (IFRC, 3 Nov 2017)

National Department of Health and National Measles Outbreak Taskforce declared an end to measles outbreak on 28 November due to no further outbreak report. Following the mass vaccination campaign in Sandaun Province, a Rapid Convenience Monitoring (RCM) was conducted in Vanimo-Green district. Results of the RCM revealed coverage of 77% for measles in Vanimo urban catchment; 83% in Lote catchment. (IFRC, 19 Dec 2017)