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South Sudan: Floods - Sep 2017

Sudán del Sur
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According to the State Ministry of Health, it is estimated that over 11, 000 people have been affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfall in 11 payams of Aweil North and Aweil West of former Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. More flooding also caused some deaths and injuries and has deeply affected the daily lives of over 650 households in eight villages of Bunj payam, Maban County, Upper Nile State. (WHO, 18 Sep 2017)

Heavy rains and floods have affected several parts of South Sudan, including Aweil North, Aweil East, Raja, and Maban counties; and parts of Eastern and western Equatoria. Thousands of people have been displaced while several roads have been washed away, making transport difficult. In addition, farmlands have been destroyed, which is likely to impact on the expected harvest, worsening the food security situation next year. (WHO, 28 Sep 2017)

In September, Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Jonglei states experienced flooding as a result of heavy rains. UNICEF together with partners responded to over 20,000 households affected by the flooding in Northern Bahr el Ghazal with provision of supplies, including household water treatment products and water containers. However, the WASH sector continues to face a significant funding gap (54 per cent). (UNICEF, 30 Sep 2017)

Torrential rain has caused major damage across the region with the combination of a stream bursting its banks and the overflow from the Kengen, Lothila and Kubal rivers causing massive floods across Pibor. More than 2000 households are now in need of urgent assistance. The situation remains particularly volatile for eight counties located along the river. Latilak, Babuzen, Vertek, Likuangole, Pochalla, Ajwara, Pibor North and South Counties have seen their farms wiped out and children are unable to get to school...If water continues to rise, access to the area via the Pibor airstrip could be affected. The state legislative assembly has been damaged and many government officials have been cut off from their offices. The acting Governor of Boma, Omot Ogul Abai, is appealing for urgent assistance. (UNMISS, 13 Oct 2017)