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Central African Republic: Floods - Aug 2017

Disaster types

The city of Kouango, located 415 km from Bangui (the capital of the CAR), has been flooded since the 23rd of August. These floods caused significant material and human damages. The provisional record shows 350 households, or 1,750 people affected by this tragedy. At least 276 houses are completely destroyed and 74 houses partially destroyed. Some people found shelters in host families and others are in the farm fields. (IFRC, 16 Sep 2017)

12 of 13 regions and 30,862 people in Burkina Faso have been impacted by flooding and violent winds, according to the national disaster management agency SP/CONASUR. Severely affected provinces included Gnagna (7,527 people affected) Gourma (4,508), Bam (3,896) and Namentenga (3,401). As of 16 October, 12 fatalities were reported, as well as substantial material damage including the loss of 214 tons of food and destruction of 5,256 houses. Affected people, in particularly the displaced, have received emergency assistance in the form of food and non-food supplies through local structures of SP/CONASUR. (OCHA, 18 Oct 2017)