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Guinea: Floods - Jul 2017

Types de catastrophes

On 4 July 2017, heavy rainfall hit the forest region of Guinea in the Prefecture of Nzerekore causing serious property damages. Areas which suffered considerable damages are all located in the urban district area of Nzerekore and they include: Quartier commercial, Kwitiapolou, Wessoua, Dorota 1, Horaya, Gbanghana, Belle-Vue and Nyeh. The assessment has reportedly found out that there are currently 13 injured persons and 55 families pushed to seek shelter in public infrastructures. 2 cases of diarrhoea and 13 cases of fever are equally recorded amongst the displaced persons.
According to the joint Red Cross - government assessments 3,274 people were affected (i.e. 545 households) of which 1,038 men; 1,089 women; and 1,147 children. All affected areas had suffered from the previous Ebola crisis in 2014 -2015 and the poor health situation prevailing in the country. (IFRC, 18 Jul 2017)
The current Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) is therefore launched to seek the support of CHF 134,149 for Guinea RC to respond to the immediate needs for 545, with specific interventions in the areas of emergency relief, shelter, health and care, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion for a period of three months. (IFRC, 11 Oct 2017)