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Philippines: Earthquakes - Jul 2017

Tipos de desastres

On 6 July 2017, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines. The earthquake had a depth of 6.49 kilometres; it had an epicentre located three kilometres north-northeast of Masarayao, Leyte. An estimated 371,680 people live within 15 kilometres of the epicentre. (WFP, 06 Jul 2017)

As of 7 July, there were 72 injured people in Kananga, Ormoc City and Carigara, while a landslide was also reported in Jaro, Leyte following the earthquake. The national, regional and provincial authorities have conducted assessments and provided assistance, including search and rescue and emergency medical aid. Provincial authorities are leading the earthquake response with support from national agencies. The response to the earthquake is well within the capacity of the Government of the Philippines. (ASEAN, 07 Jul 2017)

As of 19 July, nearly 1,000 aftershocks have been occurred, including several over 4.0 in magnitude and a 5.8-magnitude quake on 10 July. Three deaths and 448 injuries have been reported. (OCHA, 19 Jul 2017)

As of 29 July, a total of 4,130 families or 16,052 persons have reportedly been affected in 27 barangays in the Province of Leyte (Region VIII) of which 2,070 families/8,439 persons are being served in 20 evacuation centers. While, 1,954 families/7,426 persons are currently staying outside the ECs with either their family or friends. (Gov't Philippines, 29 Jul 2017)