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Niger: Floods - Jun 2017

Tipos de desastres

Heavy rains in the capital city Niamey on 13 and 14 June have left 11 dead. In the Tillabery region, three people died and more than 300 people were affected. (OCHA, 16 Jun 2017)

As of 20 June, 8,247 people have been affected across the country, including in Niamey and Tillabery. (OCHA, 20 Jun 2017)

Heavy rains recently occurred in the departments of Tchintabaraden and Abalak (Tahoua region) causing floods which are affecting 19,459 people countrywide. The floods have also already killed 3,985 cattle. In Ibécétane, animal carcasses have polluted water points; thereby increasing risk for epidemics. Both departments were affected by Rift Valley Fever in early 2016. OCHA is working with the Ministry of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Management to update the needs assessment for the ongoing response. (OCHA, 19 Jul 2017)

On 27 August, two people died in floods in Niamey following heavy rains that poured down on the capital city area. Since the beginning of the rainy season in May, 16 people have lost their lives in the sole region of Niamey, according to media reports. The authorities have asked people living in at- risk areas to relocate to safer neighborhoods. As of 21 August, floods have affected 64,616 people, and caused the death of 38 persons across the country. Aid organizations are providing NFIs and food supplies to those affected. The population at risk of floods is estimated at a total of 157,000 people. (OCHA, 29 Aug 2017)

On 26 September, OCHA informed that around 194,000 people have been affected by flooding that has also claimed 54 lives across the country this year, as per Government estimates released on 20 September. Some 9,000 houses have been damaged, 16,000 heads of cattle and 9,800 hectares of crop lost. In addition to the response already delivered by the Government and humanitarian organizations, more than 2,500 tonnes of food, as well as 53,000 shelters and 18,000 basic household items, are urgently needed. (OCHA, 26 Sep 2017)

As of 5 October, the Government of Niger estimated that 206,513 people had been affected by flooding in the country, including 56 deaths. Approximately 12,000 houses have been damaged, 16,000 heads of cattle perished and 9,800 hectares of cultivated land lost. With strong support of humanitarian partners, the Government distributed 332,350 tons of cereals and about 2,000 shelters to affected people country-wide. (OCHA, 18 Oct 2017)