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Rwanda: Severe Local Storm - Apr 2017

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Сильный местный шторм

On 1st April 2017 at 3:00 pm, Gatsibo district located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda experienced heavy rainfall associated with heavy storms which, resulted in destruction of houses and community farm lands in Kiramuruzi Sector Nyabisindu Cell. The affected area is located 36 kilometers from Gatsibo District, 40 kilometers from the Eastern Province office and 70 kilometers from the City of Kigali.

According to preliminary assessment conducted by Rwanda Red Cross staff and volunteers, an estimated 675 people (135 households) have been affected by heavy wind and storms that caused four people to be injured. The affected families are currently accommodated in the nearby communities after their houses were damaged and household materials and shelters destroyed. The affected population were left without basic needs such as food and cloth. Household beddings were also destroyed, creating the need for distribution of blankets, sleeping mats and other Non Food items (NFIs). It has been reported that an estimated 14 hectares of mixed crops were destroyed. As a result, a lack of access to foodstuffs presents a situation that may result in short term food insecurity, especially for children under-five, lactating mothers and elderly people. Other damaged infrastructure includes, latrines and other sanitation facilities. This will increase the risk of diseases outbreak, particularly during the current rainfall season. (IFRC, 12 Apr 2017)