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Central African Republic: Severe Local Storm - Mar 2017

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Сильный местный шторм

Since January 2017, the Central African Republic has been experiencing series of violent winds. The cities of Mbaïki, Ndolobo, Ndjoh, Lambi and Bossembelé centers located respectively 107 km, 125 km and 157 km from Bangui, faced since 16 March 2017, violent winds following heavy rains, causing major damage.

The 75 volunteers from local branches of the Red Cross, including 25 from Mbaiki, 15 from Ndolobo, 10 from Lambi, 5 from Ndjoh and 20 from Bossembelé, went to the affected neighborhoods and began to assess the situation, provided first aid to the wounded, evacuated the wounded to the hospital and helped resettle the most vulnerable with host families.

The 445 most vulnerable families were identified by the Red Cross. Specific needs include emergency shelter, access to drinking water and sanitation. Failure to meet these emergency needs will result in a rapid deterioration of living conditions for these vulnerable families, including increased morbidity and mortality from infectious disease and exposure to weather.

Additional necessities such as blankets, mats, mosquito nets, tarpaulins, kitchen kits, toilet kits, soaps, buckets, jerry cans, lamps, etc., will help improve the living conditions of these people. Weather forecasts continue to indicate additional flooding is likely in the Central African Republic, which could aggravate the situation of these already vulnerable populations if nothing is done. (IFRC, 3 Apr 2017)