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Albania: Floods - Nov 2016

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Since 7 November 2016, heavy rainfall affected Albania, especially the northern regions of the country. River flows have been rapidly increasing and worsened by illegal constructions next to river basins causing streams of water to descend into towns.

The heavy rainfall has made the water levels of the Drini and Mat rivers which feed five hydroelectricity power lakes built on the rivers (Fierza, Koman, Vau i Dejes, Ulza and Shkopet). Authorities have been obliged to open the emergency gates to release the water from the lakes.

The rain is nevertheless falling and the flooding is spreading to the Southern region ( Vlora and Fier areas) with the water level of the Vjosa River rising. In these areas 25 houses have been affected and the families have been evacuated from their homes. (IFRC, 22 Nov 2016)

As of 2 December, the Union Civil Protection Mechanism response reported 2 dead people, 40 destroyed bridges, 1,200 flooded houses, 1,000 km of blocked roads and 5,500 ha of flooded farmland. (ECHO, 2 Dec 2016)