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Nigeria: Measles Outbreak - Oct 2016

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From 4 January to 23 September 2016, a total of 3,905 suspected cases of measles have been reported in four conflict affected states: 846 in Borno, 2,510 in Yobe, 273 in Adamawa and 276 cases in Gombe state. Of these, 129 cases were laboratory confirmed. (Nigeria Health Cluster, 4 Oct 2016)

Following the harmonization of the available data from the Early Warning and Response System (EWARS), IDP camp surveillance data from State Primary Health Care Development Agency (SPHCDA), Health sector partners and Integrated Diseases Surveillance and Response (ISDR), it was concluded that there is an ongoing measles outbreak in Borno State afflicting camp and non-camp populations.

The Borno State Ministry of Health (BSMOH) is already conducting a reactive vaccination campaign with the support of partners, targeting 18 IDP camps. So far, 35,742 children have been vaccinated in six camps. This campaign however is inadequate to interrupt the transmission of measles across the state, as it does not involve the host communities nor other settlements and IDP camps where measles cases have also been reported. As the BSMOH is expanding the present campaign to include all accessible estimated 2.3 million children aged six months to 15 years in the state without prejudice to the national measles campaign, a request for support (including vaccines and logistics) have been communicated to the Federal MoH. This expanded campaign was planned to take place from 27–30 November 2016. (Nigeria Health Cluster, 20 Nov 2016)

A mass vaccination campaign to protect more than 4 million children (4 766 214) against a measles outbreak in conflict-affected states in north-eastern Nigeria started on 13 January 2017. The Borno State Ministry of Health, with support from WHO and partners, has already vaccinated more than 83,000 children aged 6 months to 15 years living in camps for IDPs (internally displaced people) where measles cases had been reported. These campaigns have started to show results, with a reduction of measles cases around the camps. (WHO, 12 Jan 2017)

In Borno, 114 cases of measles were reported in UNICEF supported health facilities across Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, mostly among children who had not been vaccinated against measles and new arrivals. (UNICEF, 28 Feb 2017)

UNICEF and its partners supported the measles vaccination of 421,890 children during the reporting period. (UNICEF, 15 Mar 2017)

There were 631 suspected cases of measles reported from 33 States including the FCT. One was laboratory confirmed and no death was recorded. (Gov't Nigeria, 17 Mar 2017.)

The cumulative number of measles cases since January 2017 is 2,052. In Epidemiological Week 30, through EWARS 31 cases of measles were reported with 68% occurring in children below 5 years of age. There has been a steady decline of measles cases in Borno State from Epi week 17 to week 30. (Gov't Nigeria/Health Cluster, 15 Aug 2017.)

So far, 19,306 suspected Measles cases with 108 laboratory confirmed cases and 109 deaths (CFR, 0. 56%) have been reported in 2017 from 36 States and FCT compared with 23,417 suspected cases and 100 deaths (CFR, 0.43%) from 36 States and FCT during the same period in 2016. (Gov't Nigeria, 03 Nov 2017)

In the reporting week, 331 suspected cases of Measles were reported from 34 States compared with 356 suspected cases with four Laboratory confirmed and one death (CFR, 0.28%) reported from 28 States during the same period in 2017. So far, 691 suspected Measles cases and one death (CFR, 0.14%) were reported from 36 States and FCT compared with 966 suspected cases with six laboratory confirmed and 13 deaths (CFR, 1.35%) during the same period in 2017 (Gov't Nigeria, 02 Feb 2018)

In week 51 (week ending 23 December 2018), 230 suspected cases of measles with one death (case fatality ratio 0.4%) were reported from 25 states compared with 183 suspected cases reported from 24 states during the same period in 2017. Since the beginning of the year, 4 604 fewer cases were reported compared with the same period in 2017. (WHO, 18 Jan 2019)

In the reporting week ending January 13, 2019, there were 503 suspected cases of measles reported from 32 States. None was laboratory confirmed and two deaths were recorded (Gov't, Nigera, 24 Jan 2019.)