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Benin: Cholera Outbreak - Sep 2016

Disaster types

An initial three cholera cases were reported in So-Ava and an outbreak was declared on 16 August by local government authorities. Reported and verified cases were few in the early weeks and considered manageable by local authorities, but a sharp and heightened spike in the number of confirmed cases between 25–30 August in the three main areas of Cotonou, Savalou and So-Ava resulted in a request from Benin Red Cross Society to IFRC for support through DREF to respond. As of 4 September 2016, a total of 281 cases and 9 deaths were recorded with a 3.20% case fatality rate, with Cotonou the most affected area to date. (IFRC, 12 Sept 2016)

As of 22 September, 13 districts out of 77 and 6 departments out of 12 have registered cases of cholera, for a total number of 508 cases. (UNICEF, 22 Sep 2016)