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Burundi: Cholera Outbreak - Jul 2016

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The cholera epidemic hit Kabezi and Muha communes on 27 July 2016. As of 19 August, 100 cases of hospitalization are registered, although 80 people have returned cured. (Croix-Rouge du Burundi, 19 Aug 2016)

On 3 August the Ministry of Health declared a cholera epidemic and as of 8 September there were 193 reported cases and 1 death. In order to meet these needs, the IFRC revised appeal will change the Health and Care component to support BRCS with their cholera response. (IFRC, 17 Oct 2016)

On 9 December 2016, the Ministry of Health announced the end of the cholera epidemic, confirming that the total amount of cholera cases were 364 with two deaths since 3 August 2016. (Gov't of Burundi, 12 Dec 2016) Nonetheless, IFRC's cholera response operation continues until March 2017, as to enhance BRCS’s logistics capacity and to ensure the emergency appeal achieves its objectives; furthermore, UNICEF confirmed a new cholera outbreak, which started on 30 December 2016, in the Province of Cibitoke. To date, 169 cases have been reported, among which 105 are children (MoH, 30 January 2017). All patients were treated and released from the Cholera Treatment Center. (UNICEF, 31 Jan 2017)

As of 17 February, 169 cases have been notified and treated in Citiboke, with no deaths reported. The last reported case was on 30 January. The Cholera Treatment Centre remains open and medical inputs are available. (OCHA, 28 Feb 2017)

As of 31 March, UNICEF reported that there were no new cases of cholera since 30 January. As part of the cholera prevention and response plan, UNICEF and its partners continued the emergency water supply and the cholera awareness campaign in the affected commune of Rugombo. Approximately 5,000 households (about 25,000 people) were covered by house to house outreach sessions of hygiene promotion. (UNICEF, 31 Mar 2017)