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Central African Republic: Cholera Outbreak - Aug 2016

República Centroafricana
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The CAR Government declared a cholera epidemic in the country on 10 August after samples had tested positive for the disease. At least 66 cases have been identified and 16 people have died. The disease was detected in Mourou-Fleuve village, Djoukou sub-province in the central region on 27 July. In response to this emergency, the humanitarian community has activated a crisis committee and is actively supporting the Government’s efforts.

Humanitarian actors working in the sectors of health, water, sanitation and hygiene; led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) have set up a task force to ensure an effective response to the crisis. Pre-positioned supplies are being used to provide immediate response and in-depth assessments to determine needs have been planned. While cholera sensitization campaigns are underway, the people affected are receiving medical care, and water sources are being purified in Mourou-Fleuve village and the surrounding areas. (OCHA, 12 Aug 2016)

The CAR health cluster meeting, held on the 8 November 2016, revealed that the laboratory results of the sample taken on the 266th suspected case was found negative to the vibrio cholera. This case was therefore removed from the linear list, thus reducing the number of registered cases to 265 cholera cases including 139 children under 15 years old, with some 20 deaths (lethality rate: 7.5%). In addition, eight cases of infection to vibrio cholera and one case of serotype Inaba were confirmed by the Pasteur Institute of Bangui. The last confirmed case was registered in Bangui on the 23 September 2016. The country is expecting the government to declare the end of the epidemic shortly. (IFRC, 7 Dec 2016)

End of cholera and Monkey Pox epidemics in the Central African Republic

On January 4 2017, the Ministry of Public Health and Population announced the end of the epidemics of cholera and Monkey Pox in the Central African Republic. Thanks to the concerted effort of humanitarian personnel and health authorities, these two epidemics were brought under control just in time. The cholera epidemic was declared on August 10, 2016 in Djoukou and in Zawara, located in the Kémo Prefecture in the heart of Central Africa and in Bangui. A total of 266 cases were recorded, with 21 deaths. The Monkey-Pox epidemic was declared on September 22, 2016 in the villages of Dalakere and Réou 4 and 5in the sub-prefecture of Mingala in Basse-Kotto, 19 cases were recorded. (OCHA, 31 Jan 2017)