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Nepal: Floods and Landslides - Jul 2016

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A flash flood in the Bhotekosi River has swept away at least 38 houses in Tatopani, Nayabasti and Bharabishe area of Sindhupalchok district. Sindhupalchok branch of Nepal Red Cross Society, in support of Sindhupalchok District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC), dispatched food and non-food items in the affected area via helicopter in Tatopani area. (Nepal Red Cross Society, 8 Jul 2016)

According to local media, as of 20 July, three people have been killed and one has gone missing in the Central and Western regions, at least seven houses have been damaged and over 100 people have been evacuated in Tikapur municipality (Kailali district, Far-Western region). As of the same date, media also report 100 people affected and traffic disruptions in the regions of Mid-Western, Western, Western Development Region Nepal and Eastern. (ECHO, 21 Jul 2016)

As of 31 July, at least 120 people have died, 18 have gone missing, and 51 have been injured. More than 6,280 families have been evacuated and about 2,100 homes have been partially or fully damaged. (ECHO, 1 Aug 2016)

The IFRC reported monsoon rains have triggered floods and landslides across 25 districts, and least 745 local Red Cross volunteers were helping the authorities with search and rescue. (IFRC, 9 Aug 2016)

Severe weather affected Gorkha District, Pashchimanchal province, on 22 September, triggering landslides. According to local media, as of 23 September early morning (UTC), four people were killed and six were injured in Kerauja village. (ECHO, 23 Sep 2016)