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Tropical Cyclone Zena - Apr 2016

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Tropical Disturbance TD15F lies just southwest of Fiji and is moving southeastwards. Tropical Disturbance TD14F near Vanuatu is also moving southeastwards. Active trough associated with both TD14F and TD15F are expected to affect the country till Wednesday(6 April) night.(Govt, 4 Apr 2016)

Volunteers and staff from Fiji Red Cross Society are on high alert as heavy rain and flooding affects parts of the country already struggling to recover from Tropical Cyclone Winston...About 80 volunteers are on standby in the north and west of the main island of Viti Levu, which has been battered by wind and rain for two days. The towns of Nadi and Rakiraki have been without power for two days and are cut off by floodwater, as are many remote villages. More than 1,000 people are sheltering in 69 evacuation centres in the Western and Central divisions. (IFRC, 5 Apr 2016)

On 05 April TD16F developed, and overnight TD16F was upgraded to a tropical cyclone. TC Zena is now a category 3 tropical cyclone which is forecast to impact on Fiji over the next 24 hours. (OCHA, 6 Apr 2016)

Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Zena has passed across Tonga without causing any significant damage and is weakening as it moves back out to sea. The cyclone continues to be monitored by Tongan authorities but weather warnings have now been downgraded...In Fiji, authorities report that three people died and there was damage to essential services in the Western Division during flooding which started before the arrival of TC Zena...The Ministry Agriculture has begun assessments to determine the overall impact of TC Zena and the preceding floods. The Food Security Cluster reports that the country’s key vegetable growing area, the Sigatoka Valley, was badly flooded. Agricultural rehabilitation work in the Northern and Western Divisions after TC Winston is feared to have been completely lost in the flooding. FAO is purchasing emergency seed supplies abroad and hopes to bring them quickly to Fiji. Health and hygiene concerns remain, including the risk of mosquito and water-borne diseases. (OCHA, 7 Apr 2016)