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Serbia: Floods - Mar 2016

Types de catastrophes

On 7 March, due to heavy rainfalls and flooding threats, an emergency situation has been declared for 14 cities and municipalities in central and western parts of Serbia. As of 8 March, 118 persons were evacuated by fire and rescue units of the Ministry of Interior. Additionally 710 households have been flooded while around 500 may be affected. (ECHO, 8 Mar 2016)

After a rapid assessment done on 7 March by the Red Cross branch secretaries and members of National Disaster Response Teams, the Red Cross of Serbia sent in its first relief assistance to help the people affected by the floods. On 30 March, in accordance with the needs expressed by the Red Cross branches, final aid delivery was sent to the population affected by floods in the municipalities of Lučani, Čačak, Novi Pazar, Raska, Kraljevo and Gornji Milanovac.In total, over 1,110 families have received support from the Red Cross of Serbia in this emergency response operation. (IFRC, 7 Apr 2016)