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Togo: Meningitis Outbreak - Feb 2016

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The meningitis outbreak in Ghana has spread to Togo, starting in the Kara region, in the district of Dankpen before moving on to the western border district of Bassar. As of 15 February, the district of Dankpen reported a total of 219 cases and 12 deaths (case fatality rate (CFR): 5.5%) and the district of Bassar reported a total 63 cases including nine deaths (CFR: 14.3%). Following investigations in the district of Dankpen, it was identified that the causal agent was Neisseria meningitides W135. This strain of meningitis is rare and has common signs and symptoms similar to that of Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. It should be noted that that are concerns that the epidemic is expanding to other areas, not only in the districts of Kara region but also to neighbouring areas – since 5 February 2016, two cases have been reported in the Central region. There is also a cross border risk of spread of cases to other countries in West Africa, in Ghana, potentially Cote d’Ivoire and beyond. (IFRC, 29 Feb 2016)

As of 19 February 2016, 447 cases of meningitis have been reported in Togo, including 34 deaths. Children currently make up 65% of the cases. (Plan, 25 Feb 2016)

Meningitis surfaced in Togo in January 2016 and a total of 1,675 cases and 121 deaths have been reported. However, in the past week, 45 new cases have been reported in Togo with zero deaths, suggesting the disease is now under control thanks in part to access to free treatment and medicines. (Plan, 13 Apr 2016)

In Togo, two rounds of vaccination in different districts have been conducted. A total of 436,683 people from 2 to 29 years, representing 98 per cent of the target population, were immunized. A third round is underway in other districts. (OCHA, 29 Apr 2016)