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Taiwan (China): Earthquake - Feb 2016

China - Taiwan Province
Disaster types

Following a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that affected the city of Tainan near Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, the Taiwan Red Cross Organization (TRCO) has mounted an emergency response in support of ongoing efforts of the authorities. The shallow quake – with a depth of 10 kilometres – struck at 03:57h local time (UTC +8) on Saturday, 6 February 2016, when most residents were still sleeping. The quake caused considerable damage to buildings, including multi-storey residential apartments.

The latest update from the authorities indicates that at least 36 people have been confirmed dead, with 525 people injured, 91 hospitalized and 113 still missing. (IFRC, 8 Feb 2016)

The death toll stood at 116 by Saturday, 13 February. The searching has come to an end as the missing were all accounted for. (Xinhua, 14 Feb 2016)