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Benin/Nigeria/Togo: Lassa Fever Outbreak - Jan 2016

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As of 23 January, 82 people were reported to have died of Lassa fever in Nigeria. Of the total, 34 have already been confirmed to be due to the viral haemorrhagic fever, according to Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control. The disease, which first broke out in November, has spread to 10 states. Lassa fever is endemic in Nigeria and causes outbreaks almost every year in different parts of the country, but more in some states than others particularly during the dry season. (OCHA, 26 Jan 2016)

In Togo, two cases were reported in February 2016. The affected area in Togo borders with Benin. (WHO, 23 Mar 2016)

In Nigeria, as of 17 May 2016, 8 states are currently reporting Lassa fever cases (suspected, probable, and confirmed), deaths and/or following of contacts for the maximum 21-day incubation period. Currently, 248 contacts are being followed up in the country. The other 15 previously affected states have completed the 42-day period following last known possible transmission....Overall, the Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria shows a declining trend. Considering the seasonal peaks in previous years, improvements in community and health care worker awareness, preparedness and general response activities, the risk of a larger-scale outbreak is low. ([WHO, 27 May 2016](https://reliefweb.int/node/ (WHO, 23 Mar 2016)

On 25 January 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Benin notified WHO of an outbreak of Lassa fever...On 23 May 2016, the Ministry of Health of Benin declared the end of the outbreak. The announcement came 42 days after the detection of the last Lassa fever case in the country...The current report confirms that, at present, there are no known Lassa fever transmission chains in Benin. (10 April 2016). (WHO, 13 Jun 2016)