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Guinea: Floods and Landslides - Jul 2015

Types de catastrophes
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Between 24 July and 3 August 2015, it rained heavily in the capital of Guinea, Conakry and in several areas of the country (Télimelé, Macenta, Siguiri, Beyla, Forécariah and Coyah) causing serious floods with loss of human lives as well as significant material damage. According to the initial assessment conducted by the Guinean Red Cross (GRC) with the support of IFRC country representation, 4,925 households have lost their dwellings in the six prefectures and five communes of Conakry assessed. In addition, 685 water sources have been destroyed by the floods. The majority of concerned areas have suffered from cholera epidemics in the past and are at risk again. Challenges also exist with accessing potable water. (IFRC, 12 Aug 2015)