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FYR Macedonia: Flash Floods and Mudslides - Aug 2015

North Macedonia
Disaster types
Flash Flood

The heavy rainfall that affected the western part of Macedonia on 3 August 2015 resulted in the overflow of the water from the river Pena in the city of Tetovo. The heavy rains were disastrous for the mountain villages of Shipkovica (2,826 residents), Dzepciste (4,051 residents), Mala Rechica (8,353 residents), Golema Rechica (1,659 residents) and Poroj (2,677 residents) and the city of Tetovo (65,000 residents). The mountain villages were affected also by landslides caused by the heavy rain. Approximately 5,000 people in the region were somehow affected by the impact of the flash flood and mud slides. (IFRC, 20 Aug 2015)