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South Sudan: Cholera Outbreak - Jun 2015

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On 23 Jun 2015, the Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of cholera in Juba County. Following the declaration, the national cholera taskforce was mandated to initiate concrete interventions for cholera prevention and control. (WHO/Govt, 22 Jun 2015) By 27 Jun, the number of cases had increased to 347 including 26 deaths (WHO/Govt, 27 Jun 2015).

The initial cases in Juba were traced back to 18 May 2015 in UN House PoC where the first cholera case was confirmed on 1 June 2015 (UNICEF, 4 Jun 2015).

In Bor, the initial cases were reported from Malou in Makuach Payam. Makuach Payam is the most affected in Bor and has registered an attack rate (cases per 10,000) of 28. (WHO/Govt, 21 July 2015)

As of 9 Sep, a total of 1,735 cholera cases including 46 deaths (CFR 2.65%) have been reported in Juba and Bor Counties. Of the 46 deaths (27 facilities and 19 communities), 11 (24%) occurred in children under five years. In Juba County, a total of 1,597 including 45 deaths (CFR 2.82%) have been reported from seven Payams. In Bor, 138 cases including one death (CFR 0.72 %) have been reported from Malou in Makuach Payam and other areas within the County. (WHO/Govt, 9 Sep 2015)

During week 40 of 2015 (28 Sept- 4 Oct 2015), two new suspect cholera cases reported from [Gorom (1) and Tongping (1)] Juba county tested negative for cholera using the direct and modified rapid diagnostic cholera test. Therefore they were discarded and not captured in the line list. (WHO, Govt, 4 Oct 2015)

On 3 Nov 2015, the Ministry of Health declared the end of cholera outbreak in South Sudan, after a period of 10 days with no reported laboratory confirmed cholera cases countrywide. (UNMISS, 3 Nov 2015)