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Tajikistan: Floods and Mudslides - May 2015

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Prolonged torrential rains caused a number of floods and mudslides between 11 and 13 May 2015 in Khatlon province and Hoit administrative center of the Rasht valley of Tajikistan. According to the rapid assessment results received from the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense and the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan, 296 families (1,776 people) were severely affected. Most of the houses were heavily damaged and rendered unusable. Roads, bridges, schools, agricultural fields, family plots and four schools were also affected and destroyed. The affected population urgently needs shelter, food, hygiene and sanitation, drinking water and household appliances. (IFRC, 20 May 2015)

High temperature and rapid snow and glacier melting from 1 – 15 July 2015 triggered mudflows in Barsem and Kolkhozobod villages of Shugnan District. The mudflow that occurred on 16 July 2015 caused significant damage to infrastructure and households. Water, food and non-food items are among the highest priority needs for about 1,100 affected people. (UNCT Tajikistan, 18 Jul 2015)